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Shoulder Surgery Thousand Oaks

Types of Shoulder Surgeries

Within our practice at Walter Thomas MD, we see a variety of shoulder conditions that necessitate different surgical approaches. These range from arthroscopic surgeries, which are minimally invasive and allow for quicker recovery times, to more complex procedures such as rotator cuff repairs, shoulder joint replacement, and SLAP (Superior Labrum from Anterior to Posterior) repair. Each of these techniques is chosen based on the patient's specific condition and overall health profile.

Common Shoulder Conditions Requiring Surgery

Rotator Cuff Tears: This is perhaps one of the most frequent issues we address, where the tendons of the shoulder are damaged, leading to pain and limited mobility. Shoulder Instability: This occurs when the shoulder joint is forced out of its normal position, often resulting from trauma or severe strain. Arthritis: Degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis can lead to the wearing away of the shoulder joint, necessitating replacement surgery in severe cases.

Preparing for Shoulder Surgery

Preparation is crucial for ensuring a successful outcome. We recommend patients stop smoking, manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, and, if necessary, lose weight. Additionally, organizing your home to minimize strain post-surgery is advisable, such as positioning frequently used items at waist height.

Risks and Complications of Shoulder Surgery

While shoulder surgery is generally safe, risks exist, including infection, bleeding, and, in rare cases, damage to nerves or blood vessels. We take extensive precautions to minimize these risks and ensure our patients are fully informed before proceeding.

Recovery Process After Shoulder Surgery

The recovery timeline varies widely depending on the type of surgery performed. We closely monitor our patients, guiding them through the healing process, which typically involves physical therapy to regain strength and mobility. It's important for patients to follow post-surgery instructions meticulously to ensure the best possible recovery.

Finding a Surgeon for Shoulder Surgery in Thousand Oaks

When seeking an orthopedic surgeon for shoulder surgery, it's imperative to choose someone with extensive experience and a proven track record. I, Dr. Walter Thomas, along with my dedicated team, am proud to offer specialized care in shoulder surgery right here in Thousand Oaks. Our approach is patient-centric, ensuring that each individual receives the personalized care they deserve.

Cost of Shoulder Surgery in Thousand Oaks

The cost of shoulder surgery can vary depending on the specific procedure and whether additional treatments are necessary. At Walter Thomas MD, we believe in transparency and will provide a detailed cost outline after a thorough assessment. We work with most insurance providers and offer various payment options to accommodate our patients’ financial situations.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Post Shoulder Surgery

Rehabilitation is a critical component of recovery, and our team includes skilled physical therapists who specialize in shoulder rehabilitation. The goal is to gently restore flexibility and strength, with a customized therapy plan that evolves as the patient progresses. We're committed to supporting our patients every step of the way, ensuring they achieve their recovery goals.

At Walter Thomas MD, we understand that undergoing shoulder surgery is a significant decision. Our commitment is to providing comprehensive care that addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of recovery. If you're considering shoulder surgery in Thousand Oaks, allow us the opportunity to guide you through this journey with the expertise, compassion, and personalized attention you deserve.

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