QEEG Brain Mapping

QEEG Brain Mapping

Your brain is at the center of what you do. It determines your actions, thoughts, and feelings. Now, imagine if you could control how your brain functions. This would give you the power to teach it to behave how you need it to when you want it to. Fortunately for you, this is possible because of neuroplasticity, which refers to the brain’s ability to develop and change over time. With the right training, you can encourage these changes to happen positively, hence elevating your brainpower.

So, how does this work? At the Center for NeuroPotential, we offer neurofeedback, a type of biofeedback that monitors brain activity. We conduct QEEG brain mapping through neurofeedback, which identifies areas of your brain that could do with some performance training.

FAQs About QEEG Brain Mapping

Many people who come across QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalography) for the first time usually want to know, is brain mapping legitimate? Research has proven that neurofeedback is useful in the study and interpretation of brain function. Brain mapping is one method that neuropsychologists use as part of this.

Also, organizations such as NASA and the Navy Seals have long used biofeedback to improve their teams’ performance. You, too, can take advantage of this method to unlock your brain's full potential.

What is the Origin of QEEG Brain Mapping?

When trying to understand what is QEEG Brain mapping, it’s crucial to learn about its origin. This procedure exists to interpret information derived from electroencephalography (EEG).

EEG is a test that neuropsychologists use to record the behavior of brain waves in the cortical region. Next, they use quantitative electroencephalography to process the information gathered during the test.

How Does QEEG Brain Mapping Work?

QEEG works by converting the information from the brain activity test into color maps. The different colors are coded to show areas of the brain with normal, too much, or too little activity.

When our therapists perform an EEG on you, we compare the derived information to a database that contains brain activity readings from other people in your demographic. We then study your results to discover whether your brain function is optimal for your age.

Is QEEG Brain Mapping Necessary in Neurofeedback?

QEEG is necessary for neurofeedback because it gives a clear picture of brain activity, allowing therapists to create a detailed brain training protocol. Otherwise, trying to train your brain without knowing which waves and areas to target can produce less effective results. If you want to know what are the benefits of brain mapping and if it’s necessary for you, our clinicians can help you identify possible improvement goals.

Do Insurance Plans Cover Brain Mapping?

The answer to the question ‘is brain mapping covered by insurance’ depends on your insurer. At the Center for NeuroPotential, we are in-network with Anthem Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, and unfortunately, most of their plans don’t cover brain mapping. Husky covers neurofeedback, but not QEEG.

Uncover Your Brain’s Potential and Become the Best Version of Yourself

At Center for NeuroPotential, we are eager to answer any more questions you may have regarding QEEG brain mapping. If you’re curious about how much does a QEEG cost and the ways it can improve your life, talk to us. Contact the Center for NeuroPotential for a free 15-minute consultation: 475-221-8142.

QEEG Brain Mapping
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