Prp Treatment In Thousand Oaks

Prp Treatment In Thousand Oaks

Adopting a more active lifestyle will lead to a healthier, happier life overall. But it will also increase the risk of sports-related accidents along the way. Walter A. Thomas MD offers a modern, elegant solution to the problem.

Our PRP treatment in Thousand Oaks is a revolutionary healing process that relies on your body’s own regenerative power. The procedure is simple and fast, comprising of three stages:

Extraction – The doctor will extract some of your own blood, usually about half an ounce. It is a painless process, so you have no reason for concern.

Centrifugation – The blood will go through a centrifuge, which will spin it to change its composition. The process of centrifugation will separate the platelets from the red blood cells and plasma. These platelets will boost the biological growth factors by up to 500%, stimulating the body’s natural regenerative mechanisms.

Reinsertion – The platelet-enriched solution that results from the centrifugation process then goes back in the body. With a higher concentration of natural growth factors, the organism will now begin the regenerative process, alleviating the pain and restoring the functionality of the target area.

Advancing the concept of green medicine

Sports-related accidents can sometimes deliver life-changing damages. Surgeries are often costly and involve more extended periods of healing and recovering. In many cases, the problems may return, even years after the intervention. Medication isn’t a better alternative either.

It’s never a smart thing to rely on chemicals to alleviate the symptoms of a recurrent health issue. Side-effects are common with almost all types of medication program, not to mention the risk of developing a form of drug-induced addiction. Our PRP treatment in Thousand Oaks eliminates all these side-effects. It is a natural process that relies on your own body’s ability to heal and regenerate. No chemicals involved and no traumatic medical interventions.

A life-changing treatment

Some mechanic accidents can scar you for life. The PRP therapy offers relief and healing over longer periods of time, by going to the source of the problem. Some of the benefits include:

  • Relieving recurrent pain
  • Improving mobility and joint function
  • Reducing the inflammation in the tendons and muscles
  • Combat chronic tendon injuries
  • Accelerate the healing process in muscle tears
  • Provide regenerative support for arthritis, tendonitis, and ligament tears, etc.

The potential applications are many, as this form of therapy delivers extensive benefits with minimal side-effects. You may experience mild swelling and soreness from the injection, but only temporary.

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Sports injuries can be extremely debilitating and may induce significant levels of pain over the years. Many of these problems have no cure. We offer you a better alternative. Our PRP treatment in Thousand Oaks comes with the opportunity of a lifetime. The platelet-rich plasma therapy offers relief while supporting your body’s natural healing capabilities.

Contact Walter A. Thomas MD and come to our center for a quick investigation! The longer you'll wait, the worse the situation will get. Act now, and reap the benefits of modern medicine’s latest success!

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Prp Treatment In Thousand Oaks
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