Ppec Miami

Ppec Miami

Parents raising children with special needs go through a lot of challenges. It gets even harder when the child has a medical condition that limits their growth and development. In such instances, a parent has to seek professional help in order to assist their child.

Pedikidz of Florida is a PPEC center. We provide medically complex children with the care that they need to become the best version of themselves. Through availing carefully chosen caretakers and innovative care programs, we ensure that quality PPEC in Miami is available to every child and parent who needs it.

What is PPEC?

PPEC is the acronym for Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care. Prescribed pediatric extended care is specialized health care that is required for children who exhibit various medical complexities. These include congenital disabilities and developmental disorders.

Pedikidz of Florida has skilled nurses and therapists who adequately take care of the children under our care. Our services include physical, occupational and behavioral therapy, respiratory care, social services, speech therapy, and recreation. We also provide educational programs which are essential to a child’s development.

The Need for PPEC

Usually, parents can take excellent care of their kids. However, with medically fragile children, there's a need for frequent monitoring by medical professionals. PPEC ensures a professional caretaker is looking after the special needs of your child.

Extended care requires the use of medication, therapy, and various technologies. That demands the services of skilled nurses and, depending on the child’s condition, other medical specialists. For instance, your little one might need speech or physical therapists.

For children who grow up with medical challenges, there’s more that can be done to improve their condition besides medication. That’s why at Pedikidz, we put an emphasis on recreation, behavioral therapy, and educational programs. Medically fragile children have a tough time going through the normal paces of childhood, such as socializing. So, we help them in the best possible way. Moreover, our philosophy demands that we treat the kids entrusted to us with compassion, caring for them as if they were our own.

Does Insurance Cover PPEC?

Many insurance companies cover the needs of medically complex children — for instance, Medicaid or your private insurer. To get your child's treatment and care-giving covered, you'll have to obtain a prescription recommending the need for PPEC services from a registered physician.

Insurance helps in making sure your child has access to all the care they deserve. Medical insurance covers expenses such as therapies, medication, and the services of medical specialists. Other needs covered by the insurance company include transportation and social services.

Brighten Your Child’s Future

Any child deserves to be brought up in a caring, supportive, and loving environment. That is the kind of atmosphere we create at Pedikidz of Florida, thanks to our outstanding staff. Each child is unique, and our mission is to enable them to thrive. Call us today on 305-596-0188 if you have been looking for PPEC in Miami. You can also email us at info@pedikidz.com for further assistance.

Ppec Miami
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