Phoenix orthodontist

Phoenix orthodontist

Many people are familiar with dentists, which is what they transfer when they hear about orthodontists. You couldn't be more wrong if that's your belief! There are Orthodontics in Phoenix, AZ but many people commonly refer to them as dentists. This article is going to help you clarify between Orthodontists and Dentists. Also, it's going to bring clarity between Quick Smiles Orthodontist and other local Orthodontists.

Orthodontist Vs. Dentist? 

An orthodontist deals with orthodontics. Orthodontics is an integral part of dentistry that deals with diagnosing, repositioning, and correcting misaligned teeth. It is a branch in dentistry and not dentistry itself. The main job of an orthodontist is the treatment of malocclusions and anomalies of the oral cavity.

Quick Smiles services vs. Local Orthodontists' service? 

While it is common knowledge that orthodontists' job is to help straighten your teeth, at Quick Smiles, it most definitely goes beyond that! While many Phoenix AZ orthodontics focus on children's teeth, we offer better smiles to our little customers and their grown-ups. Quick Smiles is not limited to just young teeth. Our braces are more sophisticated and widely ranged. We develop appliances to realign your teeth and jaw in a bid to treat alignment problems.

Not just that we offer a variety of unique services in the following areas;

  • We provide metal and ceramic braces to treat overcrowded teeth alignment problems.

  • We treat crossbite, overbite, and underbite, which are all malocclusions caused by wrong positioning of the teeth and jaw. We design these braces after accessing your malocclusion type. If your malocclusion is minor, we can provide you with Invisalign (this is a clear aligner that is least noticeable).

  • We provide space maintainers for kids who lose their baby teeth early. This means we help fill up space where the teeth got lost. These space fillers help prevent other accompanying teeth' overgrowth, giving proper growth to the adult teeth.

  • We also, provide lip and cheek bumpers. This helps prevent the lip and check from bumping into the teeth to prevent the discomfort accompanying it. It's not bracing, neither a jaw aligner. It's a novel form of mouthguard that helps reduce mouth discomfort.

  • We provide palatal expanders, which, unlike jaw and teeth aligners, work on the jaw's bones and joints to expand the upper jaw curve.

  • We provide you with retainers either before or after getting treated. This is because there may be cases where only retainers are needed and not other orthodontic appliances. These retainers will help you keep the teeth in their positions.

Our Fee Vs. Other Orthodontists' 

Many Phoenix Orthodontics charge excessive amounts, but our price is low compared to our ideal services. While it is true that we are superlative and unexcelled in our output, we consider our clients' financial needs, and that is why our bills are always considerate. While it is true that all businesses love repeat customers, we provide second-to-none services, and we rather prefer you to refer someone than come back and treat the same thing over and over again. At Quick Smiles, there are no hidden costs.

Education, experience, and recommendations 

At Quick Smiles, we boast of the best and premier set of orthodontists in Phoenix, AZ. Our primary aim is not to get as many clients as possible; instead, giving as many gorgeous smiles as possible. To do this successfully, we garner the most educated and experienced staff out there. Our specialists are unsurpassed in their profession. They are professionals worth their due regard. They don't make guesses; they examine, access, and then treat efficiently without making wild guesses. Quick Smiles phoenix orthodontist remains exceptional.

More so, our technology is not a trade secret that can't be shown to prospective patients; neither is our clinic a government outlet that's made secretive. You can visit us today to ask whatever questions bothering your heart. As for those asking, is there any orthodontist near me? The good news is, yes, there is! Just book your first appointment with Quick Smiles and save big! (602) 606-7420.

Phoenix orthodontist
Phoenix orthodontist
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