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HIV Testing Center

HIV Testing Center

At SABAN Community Clinic, we offer screenings that could potentially help save lives. From early cancer detection to HIV, we know that receiving treatment in time could save your life.

Based on your age and lifestyle, there are different screenings available in SABAN Community Clinic for you. Here, you can get tested for breast, colon, and cervical cancer, HIV, and Hepatitis A.

Plus, you can get vaccinated, if needed. And, in the case that you are 60 years or older, you can also get a shingles vaccine.

In fact, even if you feel perfectly healthy, you can come in for a checkup and receive vaccines and screening to make sure everything is fine. If we detect a problem early, even without having any symptoms yet, your life could be saved and your health protected.

Vaccines will help you be protected from a dangerous illness and from infecting your loved ones in case you contract something contagious, such as the covid-19.

Services that we offer to the general public

Depending on your age and lifestyle, we have other screenings available. These are the services available:

  • Women from 18 to 34 years: For women between these ages, we offer hearing and visual screening, Chlamydia screening, dental exam, screening for depression and diabetes. Also, you can get tested for hypertension, alcohol and drug use, and abuse screening.

Among other tests, we have Pap Test for cervical cancer, which is done on women above 21 years old. Tuberculosis risk screening is another test we have available, and HIV testing.

  • Men from 18 to 34 years: For men between these ages, we have visual and hearing screening tests, STD tests, including HIV. You can also receive a dental exam, depression screening, and diabetes screening, depending on your risk. 

Also, you can receive screening for hypertension, alcohol and drug use, abuse screening, tuberculosis screening, and more.

  • Women from 40 to 65 years old: If you are between 40 and 65 years old, you can receive vision and hearing screening, STD tests, and dental exams. Additionally, we have depression and diabetes screening, colorectal cancer screening for those over 50, and breast cancer screening.

There is a mammogram exam available for every woman who is over 50, Pap Test, and hypertension screening. Besides, we also offer alcohol and drug use screening, abuse screening, and tuberculosis risk screening.

  • Men between 40 and 65: For men between 40 and 65, we have prostate cancer test decision discussions and colorectal cancer screening. They can also receive vision and hearing screening tests, tuberculosis risk screening, hypertension screening, and STD screening.

Additionally, there is STD screening, which includes HIV testing based on risk, dental exam, depression screening, diabetes, and cholesterol screening, and finally, alcohol and drug screening and abuse screening too.

  • Man or woman over 65: For men or women above 65 years old, osteoporosis screening, mammogram, prostate cancer test, colorectal cancer screening, vision and hearing screening, tuberculosis risk screening, hypertension screening, STD screening tests. Since we are an HIV testing center, it also includes HIV screening.

Additionally, dental exam, depression screening, diabetes tests, cholesterol screening, alcohol and drug screening, abuse screening, and finally, a mental status exam for memory decline.

Our Community Clinic was established with the principle that healthcare is a right and not a privilege. One of our main focuses is to offer services as an HIV Testing Center for an early diagnosis of this disease. If tested positive, people can still live full and happy lives.

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HIV Testing Center
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