Epidural for Back Pain Chandler

Epidural for Back Pain Chandler If you’re dealing with lower back pain, you may be looking at your options to determine the best course of action to provide pain relief. While there are many options for treatment available today, Triad Pain Management often advises an epidural for back pain in their Chandler Clinic. An epidural can provide a significant amount of pain relief for a patient suffering with chronic lower back pain.

You may have heard about doctors using an epidural for back pain but might not be certain what it’s all about. It’s essential to speak with your physician to determine the risks involved in using an epidural, however the benefits clearly speak for themselves. Epidural injections can help patients obtain relief from back pain when other treatment types have not worked in the past.

Most pain management clinics suggest that non-invasive options are ruled out before opting for epidural treatment. When more conservative treatments do not provide relief from back pain, such as physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, spinal manipulation and hot & cold compresses, low doses of acetaminophen or Ibuprofen may be offered. In some cases, medicine management may be warranted, however it is risky for patients with chronic pain to stay on medicines for very long.

Back pain is often treated with Oxycontin, Percodan, Vicodin, Hydrocodone and other opioids, which can usher in problems of their own. If pain persists and it does not yield to more moderate treatments, epidural shots may be the answer.

Triad Pain Management Clinic will evaluate your back pain to make sure it is treatable with an epidural, through a series of tests and diagnostics in their facility. If you’re a good candidate for an epidural for back pain, their Chandler professional staff will discuss the details of epidural treatment with you before beginning treatment.

An epidural injection can provide a significant amount of back pain relief while improving your mobility, all without surgery, making it a popular treatment option for patients who qualify. One of the greatest benefits to epidural treatment for back pain in the Chandler Clinic is that the patient may experience approximately 4-6 weeks of effective pain relief- enough time to get involved in an exercise program, obtain results within a PT program or, if the pain is acute rather than chronic, it may even promote healing.

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Triad Clinic invites you to call their office at 480-413-0586 to schedule your appointment to be seen by the qualified staff at Triad Pain Management Clinic. Their multi-disciplinary, modern approach to care, includes a wealth of services designed to reduce and eliminate pain in patients experiencing the sudden onset of pain from accident or injury, and in patients dealing with chronic pain conditions. Epidural for Back Pain Chandler

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