Detoxing Nursing Women

Detoxing Nursing Women

Substance abuse affects both the mother and child when pregnant or breastfeeding. Toxins in drugs and alcohol undermine the mother’s physical and mental health while affecting her overall well-being. The same chemicals are passed on to the child through the placenta or breastmilk after birth, causing developmental delays and damages. It’s, therefore, vital to seek professional help for your addiction when pregnant or nursing.

At Enlight Treatment Center, we have top professionals with experience in detoxing nursing women. Our premier residential facilities allow us to support women who are detoxing while pregnant and in need of constant medical monitoring.

6 Ways to Safely Detox While Nursing

Many mothers with a substance use disorder consider drug detox while pregnant because of the risk drug abuse poses to them and their unborn child. However, some are unaware that using drugs can also affect their newborn through breast milk.

Detox and pregnancy is a topic that should be discussed to enlighten women who need to stop using drugs or alcohol after giving birth. Here are 6 safe ways to detox while nursing:

  1. Seek Professional Detox Help

To detox safely while pregnant or nursing, it’s crucial to enroll in a professional detoxification program. There, you’ll receive medical, psychological, and emotional support from trained detox specialists who’ll cater to your unique needs.

  1. Get a Comprehensive Medical Evaluation

Before detoxing from drugs or alcohol, you’ll need a thorough medical evaluation. An addiction treatment specialist will assess your history of substance abuse, the extent of addiction, and your general health before making suggestions for a safe detox plan, whether in an inpatient or outpatient setting.

  1. Eat Well

During detoxification, the body is under strain as it rids itself of toxins. For a successful detox, it’s important to keep your body well-nourished to boost physiological functions involved in flushing drugs or alcohol out of the system.

Further, alcohol or drug use usually leads to malnutrition that undermines the health of both mother and baby. Eating nutritious foods during detox allows your body to receive essential nutrients and minerals.

  1. Stay Physically Active

Physical exercise, like good nutrition, aids in the body’s recovery process during detox. It also lifts mood and promotes positive emotions, making the journey to recovery less daunting.

  1. Avoid Triggers

Before completing your detox, you may have cravings that tempt you to use drugs or alcohol again. This is particularly the case when you expose yourself to the environment, people, or situations that contribute to your substance use. To avoid this, it's advisable to steer clear of all triggers that could tempt you into using again.

  1. Get Help for Co-occurring Disorders

When nursing or pregnant, detox is crucial. And so is seeking help for mental health issues you’re dealing with. When co-occurring disorders are addressed simultaneously, your detox will be more successful.

Safe Detox for You and Your Baby

Detoxification is generally a hard phase to get past, but it’s more sensitive for pregnant or nursing women. At Enlight Treatment Center, you can find second to none assistance for detoxing nursing women. As leading detox specialists, we’ll help you quit drugs or alcohol safely while preventing harm to you and your child. If you’re ready for your addiction to be a thing of the past, get the help you need today. Contact Enlight Treatment Center for affordable luxury drug and alcohol rehab in Ventura County, CA: 1-866-604-0727.

Detoxing Nursing Women
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Detoxing Nursing Women
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