“I always ask myself ‘How would I treat this person if they were my brother or sister, or my child.’ That’s how I tend to view things. ”

I was sent to see Dr. Thomas after tearing my ACL while playing soccer. My family and I were so pleased with the helpful, kind, and professional staff that works there. When I called to have my first consultation, they worked hard to get me in to see the doctor as soon as possible. They are always willing to help in any way possible and go above and beyond to achieve customer satisfaction.

Dr. Thomas himself was so helpful, encouraging, and determined to get me back to playing sports as soon as possible. With his calm demeanor, my family and I always left feeling comforted, and confident with the treatment plan for my recovery. Dr. Thomas was there to support me every step of the way, from the incident of tearing my ACL up until now, 11 months after my surgery. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Thomas for two surgeries, and I could not have been more pleased with the service and treatment I have received.

If I were to injure myself again (which hopefully does not happen) I would most definitely want to be under the care of Dr. Walter Thomas and his staff.

Taylor P.

I was referred to Dr. Thomas by Core Physical Therapy when I had a shoulder injury that was not healing.  Dr. Thomas’ office got me in to see him right away, and after an MRI revealed that I had a fully torn rotator cuff and would need shoulder surgery, Dr. Thomas was very through and compassionate in explaining my options. My health insurance was going to change, so the staff worked to get me scheduled for surgery before the change, per my request.

The surgery went well, and after surgery, Dr. Thomas continued to follow up with my progress.  He was also in communication with Core Physical Therapy, so they were both monitoring my progress.  Dr. Thomas’ office staff was very friendly and helpful.  The surgery setup was smooth, and the follow up discussions (by the office staff) with my insurance company were very helpful.  Dr. Thomas also squeezed in time to see my daughter when she was home from out of state with a broken ankle.  I would highly recommend Dr. Thomas to anyone needing orthopedic help.

Joyce J.

Our daughter tore her ACL playing club soccer at an out-of-state college. We asked to meet with Dr. Thomas (without the patient!) and were so impressed. He put her hearts at ease and was able to quickly schedule surgery to correspond with her Fall break. Dr. Thomas and his entire staff earned our trust through their obvious competence and caring spirit at every stage of the surgical process. We also appreciated the high level of post-op communication, especially in light of a difficult recovery and physical therapy complications after our daughter returned to her campus.  Dr. Thomas is a top-notch orthopedic surgeon and we feel blessed to have had the opportunity to entrust our daughter to his care.

Cathy N.

This office staff along with the doctor were fantastic. They explained everything and helped us throughout the process. I would recommend Dr. Thomas everyday.

Larry C.

Dr Thomas performed surgery on my left shoulder in 2011. The rotator cuff was shredded, both labrums were torn, and there were bone spurs and arthritis in the joint. In short, it was a mess. I had basically been living with pain in some form or fashion for 30 years, even though I had been very active during that time. Dr Thomas was great from the moment I met him, calm and reassuring, and complete in reviewing all options. Without question, surgery was the only viable option. He was detailed in laying out the expectations of the prep, the surgery and recovery/rehab that was to follow. The surgery went very well. I was home on the CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) motion that evening. Everyone I knew who had had shoulder surgery spoke to the intense pain I would be feeling. The reality was there was really little in the way of pain following the surgery. Other than the first pain pill I took upon arriving home, I never took one again. My rehab was done in 3-4 months rather than the more extended estimates, and within a month of that, was back doing my P90X routine.

I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for Dr Thomas and his abilities. His staff has always been incredible capable and accommodating to my needs as a patient. I could not recommend Dr Walter A Thomas more highly.

Brian S.

This guy is an athlete. He understands the body like no one else. Plus, Dr. Thomas is a master surgeon, if you need it (his last choice if latest conservative therapies and treatments fail.) He’s treated me, my wife and daughter. He’s my go to doc for any orthopedic issue.

Armando B.

Dr. Thomas and his staff are very professional. After seeing another doctor for a partial tear in a tendon in my arm for over 9 months, I was referred to Dr. Thomas. From the moment I set the appointment, I knew he was different from other Doctors. Dr. Thomas listened carefully and asked many thoughtful questions. He carefully reviewed my case and then suggested a simple procedure. His staff scheduled the PRP injection and before I knew it I was on the mend. An excellent experience provided by all his people. After a year of struggling with my arm, I am now pain free thanks to Dr. Thomas

John W.
Ventura, CA

Finding Dr. Thomas was a god send. Despite a questionable prognosis by 2 surgeons he was able to reattach a massive full-thickness tear to my primary shoulder tendon using 7 anchors. His initial review was thorough and compassionate and non-hurried. He totally answered all my wife’s and my pre op questions. His office staff, especially Kris, went overboard to make sure I had both a coolant pump with shoulder fitting as well as a mechanical chair outfitted in my home at time of surgery. They have called me post op and done great follow-through appointments as well as communicated effectively with my choice of P/T all at a distance of about 110 miles away. I am in no pain, was off meds after the 3rd day and have about 1/3 better reach and mobility and was able to return to work after only 2-weeks down time. Dr. Thomas is simply the best surgeon and compassionate, caring human being you will ever find. Don’t even bother with a second opinion.

John R.