Dr. Thomas deals with patients in every age group, from high school athletes to active seniors, and every age in between. He is committed to giving everyone who comes to him the highest quality of care.  There are no different standards for different people — you will be treated with the same respect and attention, whether you are a professional athlete or a grandparent.

You are going to receive the best care possible from start to finish. From your very first appointment, you are going to get all the information you need to help you through the process.


Very early in my career, I had a vision of what I wanted my practice to be like. I wanted the opportunity to treat every patient as if they were a member of my family, to give them 100% of my attention, and to use all my training, experience, and resources to give them the best possible outcome. I take great pride in having made that vision a reality.

I have had the opportunity to train with some of the best orthopedic surgeons in the country; I have worked with professional athletes and college athletes, helping them, through treatment and training, to return to an even higher level of performance.

I am detailed oriented, some might even say a perfectionist. I don’t take shortcuts. When I examine you because your elbow is hurting, you can be sure I will also be looking at your shoulder, to see if there are underlying problems there that are causing strain on your elbow.

I believe that injury prevention is critically important. By noticing conditions before they become a problem, many injuries can be prevented. This is especially true in the younger patient population – I can give them the tools and information to perform at the highest level athletically, without jeopardizing their long term health.

By the same token, many of the patients I see in my practice are athletically inclined people in their forties, fifties, sixties, or beyond, who want to stay active in their chosen sport, but have suffered an injury or too much wear and tear. It gives me great satisfaction to return them to the activities they love.